Aug 11, 2009

Formerly Death In Donut Plains

And this all started for fun, kind of a joke, about one year ago.
I decided to group all these songs I was constantly writing and recording under a name, Death In Donut P
lains, after the name of Donut Plains one of the first stages of Super Mario World game for SNES.
A name that could keep me tightly tied to some lovely childhood memories I'd love to recall.

After some time, now, this thing has become something different from a joke, though still being incredibly pleasant and healing to do, and I realized this pseudonym no longer suits my stuff neither in the mood nor in the goal.

That's why the "donut" part of the name has gone, leaving room to DEATH IN PLAINs, a name that I feel much closer to the new and upcoming things I'm about to attempt, and with lots of multiple possible meanings. (I was wondering these days how this could be rendered: "death in truth-death without lies"? or maybe "death in plain clothes"? or "death in plains 's'"? you think of many more..)

And I decided to release this small free ep in memory of this particular event.


And a huge huge thank you goes to all the friends who supported me during this first incredible year.

Some more big news to come soon.
Much love,


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